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Revisiting Style ID and Dressing for your Face

Recently I revisited Dressing Your Truth type 1 because basically it does actually work for me in a generalised way. I am also revisiting both Ingenue and Gamine in the Style ID system.  Of course this is largely a hobby.  I can guarantee no stylish outfits will be featured on this blog but I can say that much of what I currently wear has an Ingenue tilt.  I just instinctively choose it, so whatever that damned annoying person on the style forum thinks,  I happen to think there is some Ingenue in my face somewhere but I can't quite rule out Gamine.  

Part of the problem seems to be that  fixating on individual features rather than overall vibe can get people confused.  That does seem to be something people have trouble with and I have had that sort of difficulty myself.  It's easy to want a checklist and some criteria to measure against.   But we are talking about style identities which are mixtures, not pure types.  We are looking at an overall impression otherwise the the exercise for finding Style ID would be about working through a checklist.  Even though both David Kibbe and Carol Tuttle sometimes mention specific features associated with the style types they use in their systems, they both also caution that the overall impression is more important.

Romantic Ethereal Ingenue is a very feminine style, and tends to imply ultimate femininity and prettiness which can make women get a little competitive.  It stirs up the 'you couldn't possibly be that' and 'I have never seen someone who is pure femininity' comments.

This intimidated me and I was embarrassed to admit that I'd ever thought I might be that.  BUT I considered it again because it's not completely crazy.  I think the people who object are missing the point.  It's not about ultimate femininity and prettiness.  It's an overall effect, it's how your face looks next to certain lines and patterns and it's a combination of the whole.  An Ethereal looks otherwordly, an Ingenue like a beautiful child and a Romantic is sexy in a very soft and feminine way.  I don't see myself as any of those things in pure form.  I just know that when the design lines suited to each of them are somehow combined, it tends to suit me. 

Another thing that can cloud one's perspective is that Classic and Natural styles are the norm in western culture so most of us can picture ourselves in them as they are what we are used to seeing.  We may dress that way simply because it is expected or easily found in shops.  

I can't go full on Ingenue.  It would look a bit silly but not as silly as one might expect and I wore it easily enough as a child.  One point I remember reading was that if you have no Ingenue in you at all you probably looked just as wrong in Ingenue styles when you were a child as you do when an adult.  

I had a dress similar to this one in sky blue.  It was my favourite party dress as a little girl.

 I would not wear something like this now as I think it would look silly but I could be wrong.  This dress is an Ethereal Gamine Ingenue mix apparently.  If it were a blouse, I would wear it with jeans.

I can imagine wearing this dress though and it is also from the Ethereal Gamine Ingenue pin board.

As is this blouse which I can also imagine wearing.

 And this dress.

While I am attracted to some Gamine styles and people like me in a pixie cut, Gamine doesn't work for me in pure form.  I don't seem to pull off the busy horizontal lines, patterns or pointiness a Gamine can wear  and the pixie cut does need to be a very softened one.  

What works well from Ingenue style:
delicate, feminine, yoke detail, neckline detail, rounded and oval shapes, light colours, empire waists, floral motifs, above the knee hemlines

What works well from Ethereal style:
delicate detail, elongation, curved shapes, lightness, sheer fabrics, lace, embroidery, old-world styles, iridescence, long wavy hair

What works from Romantic style:
draping, slight ruffles, curved shapes, softness

What works well from Gamine style:
perkiness, youthfulness, layering, shorter skirts, pants, trim silhouettes, pixie cut

What works from Natural style:
faded jeans and leather sandals, long wavy hair

There is a common theme.  Obviously I am not going to go about in gowns all the time (or pretty much never) so this is a style I need to make work with jeans or more casual skirts and dresses. 

I definitely wear jeans and in summer I sometimes wear shorts and those things inherently belong to Natural style.  But that is my lifestyle and the cultural norm and also what is comfortable for me.  My body shape allows for it to work so there is no point in over-thinking that one.  If I do have a small dose of Natural or Gamine though that would likely explain why jeans work for me.  

Or maybe I have both...Natural Gamine Ingenue seems to work sometimes too and explains my attraction to the Mori Girl look.

Hello again, Boho Redux.    Not much changes.  I choose what I like and what I think suits me and retrospectively I look to see what sort of category it might fall into.  I think the appeal of that is to help me stay on track, a framework for understanding....

Because I have to think my way through just about everything.   

Ethereal Gamine Ingenue is looking like a possibility and all I have to say about that is...What Fun!

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  1. I hink "what fun" is the best response to an idea!
    xo Jazzy Jack


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