Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Revisiting Dressing Your Truth Type 1

I am playing with Dressing Your Truth again, mainly because when I am still frequently needing to retreat from the world.  My escape is to  play with colour palettes, personal colour analysis and style systems online.   Often it helps to put one system away for awhile so that I can come back to it with more mental clarity and see things I didn’t see before or see the same thing again and feel more certain about what I am seeing.   I am not as clueless about my personal style as I sometimes think I am though I do have difficulty seeing myself objectively.  I know what works but I don’t always trust that knowledge and in trying to put it together into some sort of cohesive whole I get a bit lost. 

Because I get lost or don’t always trust my own instincts I tend to ask others for input.  I have experimented with asking both strangers (online) and people who know me well.  I am not sure that this gets me any further ahead and one thing I have taken from all of the free and available Dressing Your Truth Information is that I need to get better at trusting myself.  Sure, I could make a mistake, but other people make mistakes in determining what works on me too.  Everyone’s biases get involved, and personal preferences can cloud accurate vision. Photographs aren’t always colour accurate so determining colour palette from photos is tricky.  I think it can be done but it will be dependant on how true to reality the photos are and even then there will be room for error. Many people figure out their best colours one colour at a time or come to a general realisation that they are looking for one or two specific qualities, such as cool and bright.  

I focused on colour more than on style mainly because colour is my passion but Dressing Your Truth combines colour and style, suggesting that the effect they give is inseparable, matched to energy and thus once you determine your own dominant energy, you know which styles and colours to wear.  I couldn’t make this work out for me for a long time for two reasons.  One was that I was getting my best colours wrong, and the other was that given the examples I saw of the four different styles matched to energy types, I couldn’t identify one type that I thought would look good on me.  Eventually I learned two things.  One was that I had not gotten my colours right until I landed on Light Spring, which happens to line up well with Dressing Your Truth Type One and the other was that all of the Dressing Your Truth Styles are guidelines and can be personlised, particularly by your secondary energy type.  Once I had worked all of this out, and had gotten past all of the over-thinking and seeing all of the types in myself and ruling out types because of one little thing, forgetting it was supposed to be an overall impression or big picture, I realised that I am a Type One/Two.  It took me a little while to decide if it was 2/1 or 1/2 and  there are aspects of my personality that seem Four-like, not much that is Three-like, though probably there a few things since according to the theory, we are all a combination of the types. 

With Dressing Your Truth I have to set aside a lot of the pseudoscientific talk of chakras and tapping stuff and acknowledge that Carol Tuttle is great at self marketing and doesn’t credit her sources, but I also have to admit that I like some aspects of it and am inclined to believe that there really is a desire there to combine a successful business with something that helps women.  Why not?  I’d do that too if I could so it’s easy enough for me to believe she has a dual motivation there and not to judge her negatively for it. 

I don’t know what to think about the whole energy concept and I am not sure Dressing Your Truth gets every woman into her best colours, but if I don’t think about it too much, and just simplify the idea down to some basics about myself I can reach some surprising clarity.  I am a Type 1/2 and the DYT colour palette for T1 works for me.  I didn’t think it would when I believed I was an Autumn and when I thought I might be a True Spring I thought I would still have to modify the palette, but now I am quite sure I am a Light Spring and essentially the T1 palette works for that.   I have observed that people who identify as T1 wear colours that come from the Light Spring, Bright Spring and Light Summer palettes in SciART.

Type 1 style presents some challenges for me.  It is youthful but it only need be childlike if that is what you enjoy. I am still convinced, after playing with the Style ID calculator that there is some room for Ingenue in my personal style even if I don’t want to make it dominant.  I don’t like statement necklaces and T1 outfits are nearly always styled with one, as are all Dressing Your Truth outfits.   Statement necklaces have been trendy for awhile  but I don’t have to wear one  and I can still be T1 not wearing one.  I do like scarves which are very T2 but that is my secondary.  T1 is light and T2 is soft and I like both of those aspects in my clothing and accessories.  A statement necklace is not light enough or soft enough for me.  That may be a bit extreme and not the way all T1/2 types will feel but it’s just fine for me.  I think that I need to interpret lightness as not many accessories.

Another challenge is that I am not highly drawn to cuteness although I am sometimes.   Perhaps I am just picky about it.  I don’t wear many prints and cute, animated ones usually don’t call to me but if it happened to be daisies or cats it might and I have to admit that my pyjamas have polka dots.  The images have to be drawn in a way that I like….did I mention that I am picky?  Maybe that is T2 attention to detail. 

If you watch a lot of DYT videos you might think that if you are not highly expressive and perky you are not a T1.  I did, but then I tend to take things too literally sometimes.  If you are considering T1 but think you are not extroverted, outgoing or playful enough, if you wouldn’t pump your fist in the air and shout whoot whoot,  don’t rule out T1.  It’s only one way of being T1.  I am bubbly, enthusiastic, light-hearted, love to sing and dance and laugh and joke with people.  I am often complimented for being so light and cheerful and positive though I am not the life of the party.  I may not even attend the party.   Being an Aspie may have made it more difficult to identify it, but I am still a type 1.

How I Know I am T1:  A description of the energy I exude, how I come across and appear to others

facial profiling:  circles and star points, rounded eyes, upwardly directed crows feet ( let’s call them smile lines ) and a twinkle in my eyes, few facial lines and they are very fine, freckles, rounded nose tip but it looks like a star point when I smile, heart-shaped mouth, cheesy grin with apple cheeks,  high forehead, face suits hair that has lift and movement- short and flippy but not stiff or highly textured
I also see some T2 in my face, ovals and softness.  My hands are more T2, being slightly long, slender and with oval nail beds.

movement:  bouncy walk, animated gestures and facial expressions when talking, voice goes up and down, don’t sit still well-always jumping up to do something I’ve just thought of, tend to giggle, can talk a mile a minute about all of the ideas in my head
I also tend to come across as very calm and ladylike when drawing on my T2 (which I tend to do in order to be more formal or ‘mature’ or in less familiar or comfortable situations)

For a long time I have been craving lightness in all aspects of my life.  In my personal appearance it has finally become obvious to me that I am best flattered by light colours, light textures, light makeup and  hair that suggests lightness and lift.  I am also flattered by a little sparkle despite not being drawn to it.  This need for lightness is also an aspect of having the Ethereal quality in style ID.  Seeing this in myself through two different systems helped to confirm for me that it is the right direction.

I have not used any of the Dressing Your Truth programme, though a couple of years ago I did sign up for the free videos that introduce all four types.  I didn’t purchase a particular type because I couldn’t figure out which was the right one.  Now that I know, I don’t feel a need to purchase a type guide.  It seems obvious to me how to use the information and I still prefer SciART colour palettes to the Dressing Your Truth colour guides.   In many ways I came at Dressing Your Truth backwards.  I didn’t recognise my type until I had learned things about myself from other systems, but now that I do recognise it I will happily use whatever information I can gather.   I just won’t be wearing a strawberry printed blouse any time soon.

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