Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Style Identity Calculator Review

Review of the Style Identity Calculator created and sold by Rachel Schemmel of Truth is Beauty

I already knew what lines are most flattering on me, what hemlines and shapes.  But often those can be tweaked and translated into more than one style identity and that is the piece I was always missing.  It is the embellishments, the details, the accessories, hair and shoes I was less certain about.  I didn't know what worked on me and I wasn't sure how to put it together with the right lines to get the most appropriate style identity.  

When I investigated the style archetypes on my own I discovered I had a lot of Ethereal in me and I even eventually suspected Romantic, Ingenue and Classic.  But I was wrong in the percentages.  I wasn't significantly wrong and I did at one point write that I thought my best was Romantic Ethereal Ingenue but I was struggling to accept that and kept believing that surely it had to be Classic that was important.  I learned quite a bit from figuring this out on my own, although certainly with the help of Pinterest boards but together by others so I hesitate to say I did it on my own.   I was very curious to know if what I had concluded was similar or identical to what the Style Calculator would show.  

The Style Identity Calculator costs $15.99 US and once you have it downloaded you can use it again and again and even use it to figure out the types of other people.  This means you only need to purchase one per household or can share it with a group of friends.  You use Pinterest boards which represent a set of style identity images, a photo of your own face from straight on and the spreadsheet which will tell you in terms of percentages which style identities you have the most of.  You will get two or three in combination.  From there you can either purchase shopping guides or you can use Pinterest boards to sort out what elements you are looking for in putting together your look.

My Style Calculator results give me 30% Ethereal 30% Romantic 30% Ingenue and 10% unidentified.  The 10% style type is usually left out of the final result but I was able to identify the missing 10% as probably Classic by noting what type showed up most in my lower rated choices.  I may also have that 10% divided between Classic and Natural but I made no choices that included a Dramatic essence.  Style essences of less than 10% are considered negligible and even 10% is quite insignificant.  It might be applied to your shoelaces or a pin you would like to wear if you really wish to incorporate it.  

I was slightly surprised by the even spread of style essences.

Although the idea is to find out which identities are consistently involved when the set flatters your face and the calculator gave me  30% of each type-romantic, ethereal and ingenue, I chose 15 collages with Ethereal, twelve with Ingenue and 8 with Romantic and gave the highest score to 9 sets with Ethereal, 6 with Ingenue and 6 with Romantic.  My gut feeling prior to doing the test was that Ethereal was the strongest style ID and these numbers seem to support that.  I would have expected to get percentages that were more like 40/25/25  and it is possible that if the activity is repeated several times one would make slightly different choices so I will likely test this in future.  I wouldn't expect different categories though, just different percentages so it may not matter much. 

Going forward I feel confident that these style IDs are correct.
 and currently I am inclined to view my result as Ethereal with strong Romantic and Ingenue influence, which seems to imply that I can't go wrong if the effect is 'very soft and feminine, don't be afraid of youthful, go light on the sexy.'

There is some degree of coming to terms with how feminine this all is, and I know I have been in denial about my visual femininity because being taken seriously is important to me.  But I can't argue with what looks right nor with how trying to strengthen my look by wearing stronger clothing does the opposite of what I am trying to do.  Looking diminished by my clothing is not helpful. 

Straight up Ethereal works well for me but Romantic and Ingenue need some careful selection.  The Romantic identity can get too sexy in its pure form and Ingenue too sweet. Both of them can look a bit like what most of us think of as Classic which may also contribute to why I saw myself as strongly Classic.  This does seem to reinforce my insistence that despite my height I needed to be a soft version of whatever was my correct Kibbe category, even though most Kibbe devotees insist height matters and will automatically give a person Dramatic points or that the soft natural and soft classic are just never tall.

Tall people can't appear soft, feminine and delicate, don't you know!

I probably won't forgive David Kibbe for this for at least another week.

Expect future blog posts exploring how I might add Ingenue or Romantic to my style identity.

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