Saturday, 16 June 2018

Ethereal Natural Classic

 I have played with the style ID calculator quite a lot, and refined my responses after thinking over a few things and puzzling about the Gamine/Ingenue issue.  I needed to resolve it and then dissolve it. 

I was confident about these things...

1. I should not have so readily skipped over Gamine elements.  I considered everything very carefully and discovered that I did actually choose some Gamine boards.

2. Gamine and Ingenue keep seeming like possibilities so I wanted to get to the bottom of that.

3.  I was very influenced by the draping in Romantic style and the ornamental detail in Ingenue so wanted to reconsider how highly I ranked such boards. 

4,  Natural and Classic on their own don't look good though pure Classic looks slightly better on me than pure Natural. 

5.  Ethereal seems really important.

Step One
So I examined all of the boards carefully again.  Ranked them with the 123 system which is essentially 1=a few things look good with my face  2= many of these images suit my face 3=all of this looks great with my face. 

My results were a bit problematic.  I got an even spread of Ethereal, Natural, Classic and Ingenue.  Results like that are too difficult to work with and probably not useful or as accurate an assessment of what I look like in clothing.  I think it comes from selecting too many options:  I had a lot of choices in the number 2 category which is 'this looks sort of good'

Step Two

The alternative method of inputting choices is to only chose the best and put a 1 in the columns.  So I selected only everything I had ranked as a 3 and was then given the results

This is my happy place.  It makes sense to me.  I know there is a great deal of Ethereal and if it were practical I could successfully dress in an entirely Ethereal outfit.  An essence value of 50% generally allows for an entire outfit in that essence but Ethereal has to be converted from magical elf woman to something that resembles real life clothing.  Natural has the potential to be very similar to Ethereal.  I know the aspects of Natural which don't work for me and I know that the boxier, most unconstructed versions of it don't work.  But it can be adapted to a body skimming, elongated and loose look which does work very well.  Ethereal also calls for delicate but highly ornamental details.  Classic brings in some delicacy and I know that Kibbe's recommendations for Soft Natural and Soft Classic (soft being his term for extra feminine which Ethereal also is) both include antique details in jewelry, intricate details such as Celtic designs or Art Nouveau both of which I LOVE. 

Considering Simply Ethereal Natural
Ethereal Natural on it's own, without the Classic element, can lean a little too boxy in shape.   Everyone tweaks their style blend to suit their own needs, tastes, preferences and body shape, although the overall premise is that there is not much need to get hung up on worrying about dressing a pear or an apple or a banana.  Apparently I am a banana, which is a worrisome fruit to resemble given it is a bit bent.

                  Some Ethereal Natural looks I like

 This mostly appeals though I wouldn't wear such dark tights and the skirt looks like polyester so while I know it's got an Ethereal look because of the sheen, a Posh Earth Goddess objects to polyester most of the time.  Unfortunately she can't afford silk. 

Maybe not exactly this colour, but yes to earrings like these.

And yes to this pretty scarf.

This one is very boho but a bit heavy with the Natural accessories so I would modify it with a thinner belt and  lighter jewelry.  Slightly neater hair probably too.  That is essentially how I dress now though I'm a little low on boho blouses.

This one might do well.

And I would like this without the bling.  I know that sparkle is meant to be Ethereal but it's too blingy for me.   It's Disco Ethereal.

Of course, I am the woman who has picked a thousand sequins off her clothing over the years.

Ethereal Natural can wear some slouchy trousers too, palazzo pants, loose or draped pants that are gathered at the ankle if they are still slim in overall silhouette.  But I have yet to find such styles long enough to accommodate my height and they look quite silly when they are too short.

Ahhhhh Sarah Pacini, be still my heart.  I'm not even sure she does these styles anymore.  I went to the website and didn't really like what I saw there.

This one has heavy beads I would have to forgo.  But it's my fantasy so I can style it however I wish.

I recognise that I would look great in this but I don't think I would actually wear it.  It has a dramatic feel to it by nature of being nothing like what anyone else around me is wearing and that tends to make me uncomfortable.  So even if I had a million dollars to spend I probably wouldn't stock my closet with these.  Also, it wouldn't look so great with a winter coat and boots.

While I would not truly feel comfortable in this outfit, I recognise that if it were converted into a dress  these basic lines would look great.  Strangely, if it were a dress I would probably feel more comfortable wearing it.  

Much of my exploration is academic but I always like to be well informed going forward.

All images found on Truth is Beauty Pinterest boards.

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