Saturday, 7 April 2018

Paint Bravely

I have mainly been painting and sleeping, I think.  That's how it seems and I do have to admit to myself that painting is exhausting.  I can lose hours at it, so try to limit myself to a few hours a day though I hate to stop if I'm making good progress.  I've also gotten brave and made an Instagram account for sharing photos of my work and meeting other artists.  This is how those of us who don't leave home and don't like groups have to do it!  I know you are probably wondering why sharing on Instagram is brave and sharing here is not as much so.  I don't know that I can explain it but it has something to do with how here I just say 'hey, it's me, look at what I am playing at'.  On Instagram I said, 'hi there, I am an artist'.

A couple of posts back I shared an abstract that I'd begun, saying I didn't know where it was going.  It became this.  That's how art and life both work-you may not end up where you thought you were going to.  You may not know where you are going.

                                     Bedroom Curtain, acrylic on canvas

I have had successes, surprises, disappointments and failures, just like life too.  I have continued to change pieces I said were finished, sold a painting and thought up a gazillion ideas for more paintings.  No wonder I'm tired!

I love playing with charcoal, though it's messy.  It takes several drawings to get one I like, but the process is quick and fun.

I joined a 7 Day Challenge on Instagram and my focus is loosely painted women.  It's meant to be an experimental process project, creating mini paintings and the above pieces on paper are my results so far.  I like the green one the least, but there is always something to learn from what doesn't work.  My goal was not to fuss.

There is nothing like really getting messy and doing the work to bring on progress and that's what things are like for me now.  Messy, progressing, feeling good!  I am going to have to re-think my wardrobe though.  I am seriously thinking about adding coveralls to my wardrobe.


  1. Funny, we call them overalls!
    Congrats on the Ig account. I see your artist blooming before me!
    Enjoy the community and the challenge.
    The ladies are wonderful! xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Overalls are the things with the bib and coveralls are like a jumpsuit and they cover everything. :-)


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