Friday, 20 April 2018

Dress Like an Artist

There is more than one way to dress like an artist.  For some it means being a walking, talking piece of art yourself but for me it means simple clothing and streaks of paint on my arms.  Gesso as an accessory.  

I paint.  All I really want to do is paint though sometimes I also want to write.  When I need down time I read.  Preferably in bed or the bath.  You will note that these are not activities for which one dresses up or leaves home.  Almost all activity, especially the home leaving kind, is simply something that keeps me from painting so I aim to keep it short.  I leave home a few times a week for no more than a couple of hours, usually less.  Likely it is either to go to the grocery store, a cafe or Jim and I make a trip to the beach or park with cameras and coffee.  For such situations my favourite simple outfit formulas work well and when I get home I change into my old jeans and tee shirt which I wear for painting.  This works fine though I recently contemplated a brightly coloured dress as a painting outfit.  

Looking ahead to warm weather ( or at least dreaming about it ) and experiencing my own personal middle-aged summers ( aka hot flashes ) has me thinking I might like to spend my days at home in colourful cotton sundresses, the kind sold for ridiculous prices in tourist traps all over Vancouver Island.  Tie-dye, batik, that overall west-coast hippie look which appeals to me although I am embarrassed to say so because it's a bit of a cliche and as I mentioned it tends to be over-priced, it all makes me almost wish I sewed.  Almost.  I'd rather be painting.  On a recent day trip to a popular tourist destination an hour away from our home, I wandered in and out of the shops, fingering the dresses, hoping to see one I loved so much that I didn't mind paying seventy dollars for something probably worth about twenty.  The problem is that while I love the concept I rarely love an individual dress so much that I would choose that particular one and pay that particular amount.  If I had five of them, if it was all I wore, maybe it would be different.  But I approach it looking for one I love, in the perfect colours and style, and rarely do I actually find that.....

.....oops I am digressing as usual.  I was attempting to write about dressing like an artist.  My art and my appearance don't necessarily match.  My art is more colourful and expressive, my personal style more subdued and simplified.  If you only saw one you would not likely predict the other.  I prefer my art to speak for itself and I do not want to be a personality or a character, though if I had an event to attend I would likely dress for it.  It's just that isn't my life.  The event I regularly attend is painting and there is no better outfit for that than an old pair of comfortable baggy jeans and a tee shirt.  The point is that I dress for the life I have.  If I lived in a city, attended events, hobnobbed with other arty people at swanky establishments, well then I would need a suitable wardrobe.  As it is, I change from my baggy old jeans and tee shirt into clean, well fitting jeans and tee shirt, add a scarf and some stylish shoes and voilá I'm ready for grocery shopping! Some new clothing would be fun for awhile but in the end, when I have to make choices about how to spend money, art supplies win out over clothing. 


  1. Forever and always to your last statement!
    I sometimes paint my clothes...or at least dye them.
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. I was really into dyeing for awhile but not so much now. I find results are so variable but it's definitely fun. I have ruined some things and regret it but nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say. LOL I should start offering a service-I will artfully paint jeans with streaks of green and purple, orange and yellow for anyone who wishes it. xo


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