Monday, 19 March 2018

What If the Sea Was Yellow?

You might not look at this painting and immediately recognise it as a painting of water.  In order to make myself loosen up I decided to use 'wrong' colours, also known as non-local colours, and I think this makes it really come alive.  You could say that in a way the view out my window inspires me, although it certainly doesn't look like this.  Generally I paint from my imagination and apparently my imagination contains various still lifes, strangers faces and unknown landscapes.

Jim supplied the music once again, and yes, there was wine.

This one is all blue, obviously.  Ultramarine, Cerulean and Payne's Gray, plus a bit of white, inspired by our afternoon at the beach yesterday.

This one is just abstract in colours I love together, blues, yellows and the resulting greens.

Is this under water, perhaps?  Or a green garden with a green sun?

This one was not really finished and I began by just using up some of the yellow and orange paint I'd mixed and then scribbling on some Payne's Grey leftovers.  I hate to waste paint.  At first it looked strange and unfinished to me, the colours too reminiscent of Halloween for my liking.  Then it really grew on me.

Jim sees a kitten in a boot.  It seems to be an angry kitten, but I've grown quite fond of it.

This kitten is much adored in our household too.  She's well into her senior years and enjoys her thrifted sheepskin bed very much.

Her chair is right beside my art table so she likes to talk to me while I paint.  And speaking of my art table....there was so much pastel dust I had to clear it all off and wash it.  For a short time it looked nice and tidy like this...

I can assure you this tidiness did not last.


  1. Facing that view, who wouldn't be inspired?!
    My aewing studio has spilled out onto the dining table where a half finished chair cover sits and waits for me to return once all our birthday and anniversary celebrations are over. This is why I am AWOL at the moment, plus two weeks at the beach and an Easter performance where I am soloing as well as duetting and choiring! March is a crazy mad and wondrous energetic month. Why am I taking on solo singing for the first time since Aiden was a baby? Need my head read.
    xo Jazzy Jack

  2. I've always liked painting with non local colours, but our Steiner school was dead against it. It goes against nature. I think it restricts your creativity to be told to do something a certain way, or maybe I am just ornery! Your golden sea (reflecting the sunset) is gorgeous. xo Jazzy Jack

  3. what a beautiful view! I love your painting corner, it looks so serene. You made so many paintings lately! I love the under water one.

    The one with the wrong colours is stunning...I feel like the yellow sea is moving.


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