Sunday, 11 March 2018

Things that Make me Happy: A Collection of Photos

There is not much that is better than a walk in the sunshine and a nice place to stop. I know that spring is coming because I've stopped wearing my woolly hat when we go for a walk.

I know I'm being repetitive, but painting makes me happy and an accumulation of work in progress or nearly finished is very satisfying.

Also, really in love with these three paint colours right now.

Plants on my windowsill make me happy.  I root cuttings somewhat compulsively despite having little room left for more potted plants.

Jim arranged my childhood teddy bears (and a beanie baby gift from a student) on the windowsill above his computer desk.

Spring flowers, primulas a bit battered.  Crocuses from a walk in the neighbourhood.

 I didn't enjoy this wine but I love the bottle with it's bent neck.

These tulips are nearly expired but in the sunbeam they still look lovely. 

A blanket that shawl I knitted for wrapping around my shoulders in bed.  Very cosy when reading or writing.

 I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my life in photos.  I've had a wonderful weekend and I hope you did too.


  1. My weekend was a bit exhausting, but my week is looking pretty good so far so I'm not complaining. I manged to do my spring cleaning but my closets are still a mess. Not good at organizing my clothes at all.

    I love your paintings and it is lovely to see them spread out like this.

    Those teddy bears looks adorable placed on window like that. It looks like they're soaking up the sun.

    That knit scarf looks very warm and cozy. I like to have a blanket around, I prefer a blanket to air condition/heating and since the sun has started to make its appearance, I can get away without heating & air condition.

    1. I hope you do have a good week! I am exhausted from my weekend but it was lovely. Today I limit myself to a load of laundry and watering my houseplants. xo

  2. Your hair is getting long!
    Aiden and I are growing ours out too. But mine will only be chin length, whereas he is aiming for dreads!
    Your plantfilled world is stunning...even your paintings are filled with them.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. My hair is really only a chin length bob right now but it has the illusion of more length in that photo. I tried to convince my son he would suit dreads. He has curly hair and it's long but he wears it in a bun usually. Red bun and a red beard! He looks a bit like a viking if vikings were neat and tidy and trim.
      I love plants! I used to have an enormous and over-flowing garden and I miss it very much. I make up for its loss with over 40 houseplants and a passion for painting plants. They say, paint what you know! xoxo


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