Monday, 5 March 2018

Splashes of Colour

Fewer words from me today.  
Many things make me happy and for that I am fortunate.  Painting is something beyond.  I write because I have to, but I paint because it is better than sex or chocolate.

                     I am working on a set of cards, acrylics on paper

Painting on paper frees me a little, canvas is expensive and can make me a bit nervous.  I have previously bought cheap canvas but am shifting to gallery quality and the blank canvas awaits my confidence.  Paper is abundant in my home.

                 Art Journal focusing in a floral theme.  

           Acrylic on paper, works in progress, mostly finished

It's difficult to let go and get loose.  At least it is for someone like me who loves to be in control.  And yet I most enjoy and most appreciate the result of a looser painting style, something expressionist and less realistic.  Often I paint flowers from my imagination, based roughly on the real flowers I know so well.  Blues, greens, orange and purple seem to be favourite colours for painting.   

My tip of the day:  Paint while drinking shiraz and playing Beethoven loudly.


  1. Canvas can make me nervous as well. I don't use them that often, maybe twice a month. I've been going to art classes for a while now, and it is usually there that I get to use the canvas, I don't paint on canvas at home often. I think gallery canvases are the way to go, the cheaper ones are not really cotton, just a different kind of paper (with addition of plastic) so they are hard to paint on and I heard we can damage our brushes that way.

    I love painting on paper and I sometimes paint on used packages (from cardboard).

    Your floral art is wonderful. I love how you use colour to create depth and perspective. All of these flower paintings are beautiful. Painting from imagination is amazing, I think it makes art really special.

    1. I like canvas because I can hang them easily so I can observe my work, make changes over time and learn. I need to see it. I need my paintings on the wall. I could pin the paper but I thought canvas would look more intentional. LOL I have dabbled in painting on other surfaces too. I like collaging a bit of paper into my art also. xo
      Thanks for the support and compliments.

  2. Can I try vodka instead? :D Khue khue, I'm just kidding.
    I do love your paintings and of course the splash of color, it moves even the darkest soul I bet.Why so words today? I demand more words!

    1. When I have difficulty with words it's a very significant level of exhaustion! LOL

  3. Shawna, I love your sweet cards and floral art journal! Your sense of color is amazing! I love the improvisation feeling from your paintings - it's light and expressive at the same time, you have your own style, and it's simply marvelous! Happy painting! I'm sure impressionists would agree with you on red wine and classical music too! :)

    Happy International Women's Day (almost)!
    Lots of inspiration and joy of art and life!
    Much love!

    1. Thank you, Natalia! When one creates one hopes to reach people somehow, bring pleasure or meaning. It's very satisfying to receive compliments and encouragement from other creatives and especially from someone else passionate about colour! xxoo


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