Friday, 23 March 2018

Peach, Salmon, Coral, Whatever You Call It...

Although it's officially Spring, the weather is still sometimes grey and dreary.  Sunny days come more frequently though as well as that particular combination of grey clouds and bright sunshine that indicates Spring on BC's coast.  I haven't yet developed that sunny weather urge for wearing more colour, but it's only a few months away.  Once we have sunshine saturated days I will be ready to wear juicier colour. 

Although my base layers tend to be denim, cream and camel, this peachy vest and this thrifted scarf are making regular appearances.  I don't wear that pillow on the right.  Just can't work it into an outfit.

These colours are probably somewhere in between Soft Autumn and Warm Autumn, which suits me well as I tend to wear the softest versions of the Warm Autumn colours.  Why am I not a Soft Autumn then?  

So glad you asked!  Different systems will have some variation, but in general the palette called Soft Autumn is slightly greyed and includes some colours that are leaning cooler.  That means only the warmest and least greyed of the colours in that palette work for me but there is essentially an overlap, a place where a colour could be worked into either the Soft Autumn or the Warm Autumn palette if the person is leaning warmer or leaning softer in either of those categories. 

This peach/salmon/coral/orange-pink that everyone gives a slightly different name is one of my favourites and I am surprised it doesn't show up much in my art.  

Today it actually did and it is one of my favourite paintings to date.


  1. I love how your colours have a life of their own and show up when they want, like characters when writing a book!
    That is a lovely loose painting. Your exercises are working.
    Interesting info about the crossover between soft and warm autumn. It's made me think about my colours again.
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. LOL that's a delightful way to think of it-the colours as characters. It's also rather like a stage play and they walk onto the stage when it is the right time. Thanks, re the painting. Now comes the fear that I can't do it again! xo

  2. The colours in this painting are wonderful, I can see why it is one of your favourite paintings.


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