Sunday, 18 March 2018

A Peek Into My Life

When we go out for walks or to spend time at the beach, we take cameras and binoculars and a thermos of coffee and it has reached that time of year when I slather my face in sunblock.  Most of my photos are meant as painting references, ideas for shape, colour and texture more than an actual scene to replicate.  Jim's photos are generally of me, birds and airplanes.  We either walk at the local air park or at a beach that is near the airbase so planes of all sizes abound.

We also sit on benches together and look as cute as we can.

Someone had arranged some shells and rocks on the bench before we got there.

I added my own bench ornaments-the jackets we didn't need and my camera bag.

Here is my beloved travel mug.  I've had it for at least twenty years.

And another beloved thing on the Scotsman.

After some coffee I go about taking my texture inspiration photos, although Jim and I are rather textured ourselves, I tend to focus more on the rocks and driftwood.

It's not a pretty beach.  It's raw and real and a great place to watch sea birds or seals.

And clouds, which I really cannot get enough of.  The silhouette of the islands, the clouds, the changing lines of colour on the water, those are the things I watch.  

We get out the binoculars and argue about what we think we are seeing but eventually we find agreement.  


  1. I love your mug. So sweet. Mind you, you two look pretty sweet as well.
    Your beach is so Canadian. Takes me back.
    Enjoy your clouds. We have lovely skies here too.
    xo Jazzy Jack

  2. you both do look cute on that wefie. That mug is so cute. This beach looks like such a nice place to take a walk. I do miss the sea.


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