Friday, 5 January 2018

Cookies and Other Things That Bring Pleasure

 I promise that if you scroll down there is a cookie recipe.  


As a reader of blogs and a wanderer of the internet, I encounter many ideas I'm happy to steal, cookie recipes included.  A popular blog post is a selection of photos showing vignettes, small moments, little things that bring pleasure.  Perhaps it's one photo a day, perhaps a weekly collection, and there are many cute titles for this type of post.  I love the idea because it's a reminder that little things matter, that joy and pleasure can be found in small daily experiences, beauty found in ordinary things.  I believe that we can support happiness by remembering the little things that make life easier or more enjoyable.  While I truly do take note of these things on a regular basis, photographing them and recording them here might not be something I'd be any good at doing consistently.  However, it's one form of making a gratitude journal, which I am even less likely to do and yet keep thinking that I might want to.

'Might want to' and 'should' are sometimes indistinguishable to me.

One reason I hesitate is that I suspect there would be lots of repeats.  After all, much of what I enjoy today, I also enjoy tomorrow and I am aware of how repetitive I am.  I say the same things, enjoy the same things, contemplate the same things, over and over.  In part that is what periodically tempts me to stop blogging.  Surely I am boring people!

Anyhow, here are some things, inexpertly photographed, that I've been enjoying lately.

                      Citrus flavours, citrus scents and especially winter navel oranges.

    My water colour journal because I have to live with errors and accept how it turns out.

                                              My tea cup because it is chipped.

                The poinsettia Mum buys me every year.  This year in a fantastic bark pot.

                      My basket of knitting- an extra blanket for my bed is in the works.

                                  A cheerful zygocactus brightens up a cloudy day.

                                                    A kalanchoe like sunshine.

                       Vegetables soon to be roasted...not sure where the onion went.

    Gluten free, low-carb shortbread cookies.  Or, vanilla almond cookies.

The recipe comes from somewhere on Pinterest but I adapted it and there are many others like it so I have not got the original source and I think that is irrelevant.  If you make this recipe and then share it on your own blog I do not care about getting any credit.  Who can take credit for butter, sugar and flour?

                                         Food photography is really not my thing!

Cream 1/3 cup soft butter with 1 cup dry sweetener of your choice.  I use Splenda or generic equivalent.
Add  1 tbsp vanilla and 3 cups finely ground almond flour a half cup at a time, while mixing. ( I use Bob's Red Mill as it's easiest to get here and works for me )

I used the mixer but it probably wouldn't matter if you dumped it all in a bowl and squished it around with your hands.  That is how I always made the original style shortbread back in the olden days when I used wheat flour.

Squish the dough into a ball and flatten it on a piece of waxed paper or parchment paper.  It will be sticky and you would otherwise need to flour the counter but almond flour is too expensive for that.  You can either flatten it between to sheets of paper and cut out cookie shapes with a cutter, or you can just roll the dough into small balls with your hands and flatten them on the cookie sheet.

If you make them about half a centimeter ( or 1/8 inch thick ) they do well baking for about 12 minutes at 350 degrees F.  Splenda doesn't brown the way regular sugar does but I am not sure about other dry sweeteners. If you use Splenda, don't wait for the usual golden colour, the cookies are done in 12 minutes if you make them this size. 

I made 21 cookies around 2 inches diameter.  I cut them out with my largest cutter and then flattened them a bit on the cookie sheet but I think I might make smaller cookies next time.

These cookies would lend themselves well to being decorated with slivered almonds or candied cherries on top if you like that.  I suspect they would also work as thumbprint cookies with a dab of jam in the centre or iced and decorated, but I tend to like simple cookies.   I'm thinking that these would be great with lemon and poppy seed though...

Something to try next time!


  1. I disagree with your sayings that you are boring and repetitive. I thought about my own blog like this and hence lost so much in an year, do it because it makes you happy, not because whatever reason.
    I love your endless discussions with yourself you have and sharing your life in here,I love stalking you and I enjoy your posts very much, either it be cooking recipes or photography or just sharing your day.
    Don't you quit on me!

    1. Fear not, I am sure I will keep showing up just to test your limits! You are right in that much of blogging is about doing it because we need to. I know I will endlessly make an effort to communicate with people, to reach out saying, hey are you anything like me? Plus I am opinionated and love to inflict my opinions. I have a handful of lovely stalkers apparently so I owe them! xoxo


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